Athlos Academy of St. Cloud

Up-Standers Day

Up-Standers Day

Students are asked to wear an orange top with their Athlos athletic bottoms on October 24th for national bully prevention month. We are going to take a stand for kindness by celebrating Up-Stander Day. An up-stander is someone who sees or hears about someone being unkind and they speak up. Being an up-stander is standing up for what is right! In addition, this is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate four of our twelve performance character traits listed below:
Courage: Taking risks and standing up for what is right.
Initiative: Taking action to help ourselves and others without being asked.
Integrity: Striving to do the right thing all the time.
Social Intelligence: Navigating relationships and interactions with respect and confidence.

These four traits help support our students to be excellent up-standers today and every day!

It's up to you ... It's up to all of us! You can change anything you want.
Why not stand up!?

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