Athlos Academy of St. Cloud

Parent Resources

2018-2019 Assessment Calendar here.


Family Handbook

Please read the Athlos Academy of St. Cloud Family Handbook attached here.

Additional Student Registration Forms/Brochures

Kindergarten screening information can be accessed here.

     - A Minnesota Brochure for the Kindergarten screening process can be accessed here
The Transportation Reimbursement process can be accessed here.
     -The state Transportation Reimbursement Form can be accessed here.

Visiting the School

Athlos Academy welcomes visits by parents/guardian(s) and community members provided the visits are non-disruptive and/or by invitation from a teacher for a class.
All visitors are required, by state law, to check in at the front office, and must wear a visitor badge while on campus. If you are bringing a lunch or materials during the day for your child, please bring them to the office to avoid disruption of instruction in the classroom. 
Visitors and their possessions are subject to a random search with a metal detector and are subject to search when there is reasonable suspicion that such person has any weapons, illegal substances, stolen goods, or other objects the possession of which is a violation of school policy.

School Supply List

The school supply list is ready! Download the PDF.

Head Lice Information

Please monitor your child for signs of head lice. More information can be accessed here.